Sweethearts Unlimited [email protected]​​
I believe in community.
I believe in quality.
I believe in You.
            & I believe in what we can do together!

 Leticia Vasquez 
Founder & CEO


~Welcome to Sweethearts Unlimited ~​​
Leticia "Joy" Vasquez
Founder of Sweethearts Unlimited
Most of you know me as LT, some know me as Letty, new  clients know me as Joy ; everyone knows me as a Sweetheart! I have made my name in quality assurance and customer service in every industry I have met. For years I have recruited Sweethearts with like minded ambitions and initiative and helped them on my own dime to elevate them in their field and ensure their quality of life and dreams are met. After Twenty years I realized if we all worked together we could reach our community in a way we had never imagined possible. We could take our values and enstill them into every member of our community.  Into every home!

Although  I have ten years experience  in International Rentals, Sales, and Shipping & Receiving. I continue my education constantly to stay up to speed on technology, new softwares, marketing and data analytics that help me excel. I have more energy than time and it seems to compensate. I honestly believe there is nothing we can not do if we elevate each other up! 

Our Potential is unlimited,  Sweethearts!
Sweethearts Unlimited!

My goal is to  create a safe environment  that enables a good time! To not only be a part of your wedding, your home search, your baby shower, promoting your career and family wellness, birthday parties,  and corporate event; to create a reality in which each individual knows Joy. (see how we did that ) its all part of designing your world and finding someone you can trust to  remind you "You didn't wake up to be mediocour!"